Our History

Northern Vision Development (NVD) and Carmacks Development Corp. (CDC) have joined forces in a collaborative effort to acquire several businesses within the Village of Carmacks. This partnership, driven by a shared commitment to fostering a thriving future for the local economy, began in June 2022.

Carmacks Hotel Ltd. owns and operates several facilities in the Village of Carmacks including a variety of accommodations, a grocery store, fuel services, and a restaurant and lounge, among additional retail outlets and services. 

NVD, with its extensive expertise and capabilities, is dedicated to elevating and enhancing the services offered to the community. Our vision is to create a welcoming atmosphere that brings prosperity to every resident, all while preserving the cherished family-owned, small-town charm that defines the Carmacks experience.

The Village of Carmacks

Nestled at the meeting points of the Yukon and Nordenskiold Rivers along the Klondike Highway, lies the Village of Carmacks, the cherished home of the Little Salmon-Carmacks First Nation, who speak Northern Tutchone. This welcoming community, once a vital rest stop on Indigenous trade routes predating the Alaska and Klondike highways, now thrives with 500 residents. It extends a heartfelt welcome to travellers throughout the year, embracing its rich heritage and warm hospitality.